Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Award from Craftychick...

I received "I got the Attitude! Blog Award" from Sam at Craftychick Cards.
Thank you Sam...xox
Now I have to tell you three things that make me - "ME"! Then I can pass this award onto three worthy bloggers of my choice. (Oh dear - that is going to be difficult).
Here goes:
1. I am a little addicted to purchasing paper and not liking to use the really "Nice" pieces - I must admit I have a few - ok a lot of "Nice" papers sitting around.
2. I am a bit anal when it comes to white cardstock - it has to be white or it is no good.
3. I may also have a little fetish for Tins... I do have a couple of storage containers with a number of tins in it, I think they are too "Nice" to use as well.
I could go on about my boxes under my desk/table, but for the ladies who have visited they know all too well about them. LOL
OK enough about me, now I need to pass this award onto 3 worthy bloggers....
Carrie from Stampin & Scrapin, I met Carrie through the Cricut Message board and have become friends, although Carrie has not blogged for awhile, that is probably my fault as I talked her into going to the markets with me and now we also have some of our creations in a shop and are venturing into a new online handmade only site....we both encourage each other to keep going when we lose our mojo or just having a bad day.
Sharon from Skippys Place, we met on the Cricut Message board. I visited Sharon last Christmas when I was over in WA and Sharon came over for a holiday to my place in January to celebrate her 30th Birthday, Sharon inspired me to use the MPT and we bounce ideas off each other all the time.
I am at a loss for the 3rd award, I will have to come back to this one.... Sorry, there are too many to narrow it down. LOL
Have a great day and happy crafting.